Managed Antivirus/Malware

Jaspen’s managed antivirus/malware service is trusted by Financial firms, Hospitals and small businesses.  

Jaspen is a managed antivirus/malware service provider.  We centrally-manage your antivirus/malware software that protects all of the computers at your business from virus threats.  The “managed” part of managed antivirus/malware means that we install the software on your computers and other devices and remotely schedule scans to check for issues.  Just one more thing you do not need to worry about when you use Jaspen. Call today: 760-872-2797

Service Details

Our Managed Antivirus Service is scalable to suit the requirements of your own business. However, typically it includes:

  • Antivirus software
  • Anti-malware software
  • Anti-spyware software
  • 24/7security monitoring
  • Scheduled security scans
  • Signature and software updates.

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