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Jaspen’s backup and business continuity service is trusted by Financial firms, Hospitals and small businesses.  

Most businesses run a pretty tight ship when it comes to the time it takes to do business. Profitability often depends on the quick and efficient handling of business functions. When business activity comes to a halt because of a data disaster, there is a tipping point. Recovery time is a critical element in relation to this point.

Aside from the initial downtime that comes with a data disaster, businesses need to examine the long-term effects, too. How long can your operations be suspended before it begins to affect your profitability? How quickly do you need to be back up and running?

Business continuity is more than data backups, however. Your business must also plan for ready access to these backups as well as restoration of this data in a timely manner. This holistic approach to business continuity is your best option for stability and consistency. No matter what form disaster may take, the quick and complete recovery of business data via your data backup solution is critical. Minimizing downtime and data loss helps to protect your business.

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