Nvidia RTX 4080 Ti rumor suggests it’s the high-end GPU you’ve been waiting for

Nvidia could be planning a faster version of its RTX 4080 graphics card, and this GPU might just be temptingly priced.

That’s the latest theory from MEGAsizeGPU, one of the regular hardware leakers on X (formerly Twitter), so regard it with the usual caution you’d employ around chatter from the rumor mill.

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We are told that the graphics card in question will be an RTX 4080 Super, or maybe an RTX 4080 Ti, but whatever the name, it’ll be a GPU that’s a step up from the 4080.

Apparently this product isn’t far off, either, and Nvidia is purportedly set for a launch early in 2024. The 4080 Ti or Super will use the same chip as the RTX 4090, which is AD102 (the RTX 4080 uses AD103), but of course, it will be cut down in some meaningful way.

Expect a power draw of under 450W, and perhaps most excitingly, the rumor suggests that the price will be pitched in the same bracket as the RTX 4080.

As a final nugget, later in the thread of the leaker’s tweet, MEGAsizeGPU notes that the VRAM loadout hasn’t been decided yet.

Analysis: Dare we hope that Nvidia will fix high-end Lovelace pricing?

As we know, the recommended price of the RTX 4080 is $1,199 in the US (around £980, AU$1,880), so we could see an RTX 4080 Ti, hopefully with a robust performance boost over the vanilla model, land at $1,299 perhaps?

There’s another intriguing possibility, though, because on the grapevine lately there has been chatter about the RTX 4080 being pretty unpopular (and folks dropping to buy the RTX 4070 Ti on the basis of the price difference, or just going the other way and buying an RTX 4090, eating the extra outlay – for a major difference in performance, of course).

This could be a chance for Nvidia to make the RTX 4080 a bit more palatable by dropping its price somewhat, and bringing the RTX 4080 Ti in at $1,199, perhaps. All of that is just pure speculation, but the hint that the potential RTX 4080 Ti is going to be priced reasonably (well, relatively speaking) will doubtless prove a crowd-pleaser.

Let’s just hope the reality pans out, and that this rumored inbound graphics card is indeed coming from Nvidia. What’s a little odd is the leaker’s favored suggestion that this will be the RTX 4080 Super – why not the RTX 4080 Ti? Seeing as we already have an RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4060 Ti, why would you confuse gamers by mixing the Super and Ti tags? That doesn’t make any sense, and while it obviously isn’t the crucial part of the rumor, it’s a small red flag to us.

The other shadow of doubt might be cast over the idea of more reasonable pricing, in as much as Nvidia has consistently pushed the boundaries with its high-end GeForce price tags for some time now. So why would that stop? Well, we can only hope Team Green is seeing some sense, and that selling the RTX 4080 being a problem – if true, as based on the feedback from retail we have – is something Nvidia wants to address.

Fingers firmly crossed, as then the RTX 4080 could even creep onto our best graphics card list – something it has failed to do thus far thanks to that pricing. (Although note, you can get this GPU a bit under MSRP now, which is no surprise with that chatter about it being rather unpopular).

As for the mentioned release date, early 2024 seems optimistic given the lack of rumors so far – and the fact that specs aren’t concrete yet either, according to MEGAsizeGPU. Mind you, technically, early next year could be March, so the graphics card might still be the best part of half a year away – and that’s assuming the leaker has got the timeframe correct.

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