Mysterious Microsoft Surface device spotted – but can it compete with the Apple hype?

Microsoft is holding an event on September 21 in New York, and a new leak makes its it all but certain that we’ll see new Surface devices. Whether or not people will pay attention this close to the iPhone 15 launch, however, is another matter.

The latest leak, as reported by Windows Latest, comes from several FCC (Federal Communications Commission) listings by Microsoft for a “portable computing device”, and while information is scarce, the website points out that the FCC ID used, C3K2067, could hint at this being an affordable device, rather than a high-end one.

Windows Latest explains that this is because “C3K” IDs have been used by Microsoft in the past for Surface Go (like the Surface Go 3) devices. These are more affordable than the Surface Pro range, but keep some of the nice design elements of Microsoft’s premium products.

The codename could also hint that this FCC filing is for a Surface Laptop device, which has also used the “C3K” ID in the past, which could mean that we’re likely to see the Surface Laptop Go 3 or Surface Go 4 in a few week’s time.

Hype check

If this latest leak is accurate, and Microsoft is indeed planning to launch new Surface Go products on September 21, then this will be a largely welcome move. While Microsoft’s high-end Surface Pro tablets, which are also some of the best 2-in-1 laptops you can buy, are desirable products, the affordable Surface Go lineup is much more accessible thanks to the lower prices.

Quite a few manufacturers, most noticeably Apple, don’t bother to cater to people with lower budgets, preferring instead to focus on producing premium products that a lot of people simply cannot afford.

So, Microsoft’s continued support of the Go line is very welcome, and while they might not be as eye-catching as an all-singing, all-dancing flagship product with cutting-edge tech, the fact that they combine good build quality, decent specs, and affordable prices makes them far more appealing to many people – such as those looking for the best student laptops.

However, Microsoft will still need to show off its big guns at this event as well, coming so soon after Apple revealed its iPhone 15 lineup. While it’s very unlikely that Microsoft will launch any phones (it was recently reported that it had ditched the dual-screen Surface Duo), it will still need to cut through all the hype surrounding the new iPhones.

To do that, Microsoft can’t just show off affordable Surface Go products, but also a new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop as well. With new MacBooks this year looking increasingly unlikely, this could be a good opportunity for Microsoft to gain some momentum with its Surface products – as long as it doesn’t fumble the reveal.

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