Samsung’s ViewFinity S9 may be the monitor creatives have been searching for

Originally revealed during CES 2023, Samsung has finally launched its ViewFinity S9 5K monitor after nine long months of waiting. 

According to the announcement, the ViewFinity S9 is the company’s first-ever 5K resolution (5,120 x 2880 pixels) IPS display aimed primarily at creatives. IPS stands for in-plane switching, a form of LED tech offering some of the best color output and viewing angles on the market. This quality is highlighted by the fact that the 27-inch screen supports 99 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut plus delivers 600 nits of brightness. 

Altogether, these deliver great picture quality made vibrant by saturated colors and dark shadows. The cherry on top for the ViewFinity S9 is a Matte Display coating to “drastically [reduce] light reflections.” 

As a direct rival to the Apple Studio Display, the monitor is an alternative for creative professionals looking for options. It appears Samsung has done its homework as the ViewFinity S9 addresses some of the problems affecting Apple’s hardware. 


The Apple Studio Display has nearly identical specs to the ViewFinity S9. What sets Samsung’s product apart can be found in the finer detail.

For starters, people can recalibrate the screen with the Smart Calibration tool on the SmartThings app. With it, users will be able to adjust the color settings, luminance, and the gamma correction of images. 

There are some restrictions as Smart Calibration is only available on certain smartphone models. You will need to own at least, a Galaxy S10, one of the Galaxy Fold models, or an iPhone 11. A full list of devices can be found on the official announcement. Other third-party brands like OnePlus are not supported.

Another useful aspect of the ViewFinity S9 is it can connect to both Windows and select Mac computers. Your Mac must be equipped with “Apple Silicon released after 2020” like the Mac Studio.

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Samsung ViewFinity S9 monitor upright

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Samsung ViewFinity S9 front angle

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Even the construction of Samsung’s monitor is different. The hinge is adjustable so you can tilt the screen for the best angle or pivot it a full 90 degrees to read long documents. The Apple Studio Display can do the same thing, but you’ll need to shell out an extra $400 for the adjustable stand.

Other notable features include a 4K SlimFit webcam on top of the bezel and Samsung Gaming Hub pre-installed for quick-access to “thousands of popular games”.


Sadly, the Samsung ViewFinity S9 may also suffer from some of the same disadvantages, the first of which is the lack of HDMI port. Although, you do have options. It comes equipped with a Thunderbolt 4 input, three USB-C ports, plus one for Mini DisplayPort. 

The other drawback is the cost. The ViewFinity S9 5K is on sale right now in the United States for $1,600, but it is still not cheap. Apparently the company didn’t feel the need to undercut Apple.

We reached out to Samsung asking if it plans on releasing its new monitor to other countries like Australia or in Europe. This story will be updated at a later time.

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