This nifty new feature gives Google Calendar a badly-needed upgrade

The Google Calendar app for Android has plenty of features to offer and solid integration with other Google Workspace apps. And while planning events through Calendar is easy enough, it’s finally getting a much-needed upgrade.

Google Calendar is adding a share button to events, meaning that event organizers can invite a large number of people at once without having to add each contact’s email address individually. It was first introduced back in March 2023, albeit in an incomplete state, but now we can see how it looks thanks to Twitter user AssembleDebug and reported on by Android Police.

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Once you create an event, there will be a Share button under the name and date and when you tap it you can choose from several apps to share the event with platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Discord. Those invited can then choose from Yes, No, and Maybe, with the event link being forwarded to their email IDs.

While we don’t have an official release date for this new feature, it should be coming soon since, judging from the video, it already seems to be in a complete state.

Google Calendar continues to innovate 

Google Calendar is easily one of the best calendar apps on the market. Just in 2023 alone, it’s gotten plenty of great features that truly enhanced the user experience. 

For instance, Google Workspace finally let users without paid accounts create paid booking pages, as well as take appointments or meetings and share their availability through Gmail. Calendar also added a UI update for new location suggestions through Google Maps, which gives you a series of suggestions “based on your recent locations” to make it faster to schedule an appointment. 

And, in a surprise move, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook improved their interoperability. This means that Outlook users who also have a Google Calendar with the same email address are now able to receive Google Calendar invitations and RSVPs directly in Outlook without having to be in the Google ecosystem. It’s a Google-wide feature too, so both businesses and individuals can take advantage of it.

I look forward to seeing what kind of quality-of-life updates the Google Calendar app will add in the future – I’m sure the tech giant will think of more. Especially since it’s been dreaming up tons of interesting AI features and tools for Google Workspaces.

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