Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti GPU could arrive at the end of May – but RTX 4060 isn’t on the horizon

Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti graphics card is set to be on shelves by the end of May, according to the latest from the rumor mill – but Team Green still isn’t sure when it’ll launch the vanilla RTX 4060.

This fresh leak from VideoCardz shows us a purported embargo timeline document which clearly marks the RTX 4060 Ti as shipping on May 5 – later this week – ahead of a product announcement and on-sale date both marked as ‘end of May’.

That could mean a product launch with simultaneously availability, or perhaps a short period between the reveal and the GPU actually being on shelves.

As for the base RTX 4060, that’s marked as ‘To Be Determined’, so we can assume that it’s going to be a bit later to arrive that the 4060 Ti, as the rumor mill has already suggested.

Of course, take all this with plenty of seasoning, and naturally what Nvidia intends right now could change, meaning the 4060 Ti launch could still slide. That said, the GPU has been rumored for a Computex launch (end of May) for some time now.

Analysis: Pricing will be key

This is yet more evidence that we’re about to see the RTX 4060 Ti go on sale, and we’ve been seeing quite a bit lately – including a purported picture of the GPU shared on Twitter. This graphics card has also been spotted in some MSI PCs recently (in product listings at a Dutch online retailer which were mistakenly aired, but have now been yanked down).

In short, at this point, we’d be surprised if we don’t see the RTX 4060 Ti popping up at the end of the month. However, it looks like we’re in for a longer wait with the RTX 4060.

With all the chatter being around worries that the RTX 4060 Ti won’t be all that impressive in the spec department – particularly the purported 8GB of VRAM, which is looking like a meager allocation these days, even for 1080p gaming – we still have to see where Nvidia will pitch the price of this GPU.

Some truly affordable pricing could still save the day, but the latest rumor around the cost isn’t promising, theorizing that the RTX 4060 Ti might pitch in at $450, which would be disappointing to say the least. That’s from a YouTube leaker, not one with the strongest track record mind you – and another rumor has suggested a $399 price tag (from a shakier source still, MyDrivers in China).

We’re not confident on either of those pieces of speculation to be honest, and it could be that Nvidia is still making the final decision on pricing itself. We shall see, but if the rumored specs are correct including that 8GB of VRAM, Team Green will need to make this a reasonably compelling value proposition.

Cost-wise, Nvidia will also need to factor in the rival RX 7600, which AMD purportedly plans to sneak in for a launch on May 25, perhaps stealing Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti thunder.

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