Raspberry Pi Code Editor wants to help the next generation of programmers

Raspberry Pi has gone back to its roots as a company whose purpose is to educate and develop technology skills globally – and affordably – with a new coding tool available on any platform via a web browser.

Just like features found in the best Raspberry Pi distros, Raspberry Pi’s Code Editor is designed to help develop programming skills, and this time the company’s non-profit division is focusing on Python.

The announcement is specifically targeting children over seven who attend the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Code Clubs or CodeDojos, though it’s not hard to imagine the benefits it could have on older students and even adults who want to get started with text editors.

Raspberry Pi Code Editor is here

While it’s currently in beta format, the editor can handle Python scripts, which the organization says is often favored for its likeness to the English language and popularity among professional programmers, but more coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are planned to be added “in the near future.”

To extend the editor’s use as a go-anywhere tool, users can create an account to save and revisit work to facilitate homework or general experiments outside of the classroom. Project sharing and collaboration are also said to be on the cards as the world gears up for more connected learning methods.

With the launch of its Code Editor, the Raspberry Pi Foundation not only hopes to support and engage learners, but to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent individuals from accessing code, much like it had done with the Raspberry Pi in its early days.

Ahead of its full launch, Raspberry Pi is asking learners to try the first two projects in its ‘Intro to Python’ path and to provide feedback.

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