Is this the fastest 3D printer ever made?

Chinese 3D-printing company Creality took to the stage with a series of new products in celebration of its ninth birthday, which it hopes will continue to democratize 3D printing.

Citing the “steep learning curve” typically required to get started with 3D printing, Creality CEO Ao Danjun envisions a future where every household will have access to a 3D printer.

Among the new announcements were an upgraded smart resin printer, a multi-material model, a laser engraver – and even 3D-printed footwear – but arguably the most impressive was the high-speed K1.

Creality K1 Series 3D printers

Given that the K1 Series is Creality’s flagship range, it should come as no surprise that it has specs to match. While precise details are yet to be confirmed, we know that both the K1 and K1 Max can achieve speeds of up to 600mm/s, exceeding Bambu Lab’s X1 and P1P, with an acceleration rate of 20,000mm/s2 made possible thanks in part to its 190g lightweight printhead.

Creality compares its K1 Series to the average 3D printer, which it claims is 12 times faster at creating a 3DBenchy – a model typically printed to help surface issues relating to finish, accuracy, and more. The K1 can do it in 13 minutes.

Processing power comes from a 2-core, 1.2GHz CPU and the Creality OS. Tweaks have also been made to the slicing software, Creality Print 4.3, for optimization and efficiency relating to the K1’s metrics.

Strain sensors and a 1μm AI LiDAR sensor are used for auto levelling in some cases, as is a 1080p AI camera for monitoring and G-sensors for resonance and ringing reduction.

Full pricing for the K1 Series is yet to be announced, however some add-ons like the LiDAR sensor and camera are paid extras. Compatibility with K1 and K1 Max remains unconfirmed, too. An indication of pricing comes from the K1 Speedy pre-sale, priced at $599, though this is now sold out. 

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