Google Photos is getting a major new feature on Chromebook

ChromeOS has been getting plenty of upgrades to its video editing since 2022, and now it’s getting even more from Google Photos. 

According to a new Google support page post, Google Photos will be empowering the best Chromebooks everywhere with even more new features. Jumping off from Chromebook’s Gallery app integration in 2022, Google Photos has added more support for Gallery and Files by allowing you to “seamlessly” use photos and images saved on the Chromebook and edit them in Google Photos. 

Another major edit comes in the form of revamped movie creation tools on the Photos app, which lets you create a movie from scratch using a suggested theme. After you choose a theme from the Photos app, as well as the people or pets you want to be included in the movie, the video editor uses video clips and photos you have stored that match that theme and strings them together into a custom movie. If you want a more hands-on approach instead, Google Photos has a search feature that lets you find and arrange all that media yourself.

Google has a full how-to on creating movies, as well as editing photos and videos, through the app on ChromeOS. But it’s a simple process that involves the following:

  • Install the Google Photos app 
  • Open up the media you want to be edited and select Edit. 
  • From there you choose whichever editing tool you want to use. 

If you want to create a movie:

  • Select Creations on the Google Photos app
  • Choose either the suggested movie option or New movie

Chromebooks are getting more recognition

ChromeOS, once the oft-ignored child of Google that’s been the platform for the best cheap laptop option for school kids and nothing more, has been growing in both popularity among users and in support by its own creator. 

Last year, we saw the debut of the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook, considered by our standards to be the best Chromebook and one that can stand toe to toe with plenty of the best Ultrabooks out there.

More features like the aforementioned updates to Google Photos and the addition of more Apple support via one of the best video editors, Apple’s LumaFusion app, have become commonplace in the last several years. We even have gaming Chromebooks like the Acer Chromebook 516 GE that are specifically designed to handle high-end gaming via the cloud.

And, unlike even the best Windows laptop, ChromeOS simply doesn’t see the kinds of viruses and malware plaguing other operating systems, meaning you don’t need to worry about constantly protecting and scanning your machine for threats (or cleaning it out if something nasty does worm its way in).

It’ll be interesting to see how much more support Chromebooks get in the future, but it’s an exciting time for Chromebook fans.

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