Aruba says it has patched a number of critical security flaws, so update now

Aruba Networks has released a fix for six critical vulnerabilities found in a number of its products, and is now urging users to apply the patch immediately and avoid being targeted by cybercriminals. 

The vulnerabilities all have a severity score of 9.8, giving them the “critical” rating. 

According to the company, these vulnerabilities can be abused to grant malicious third parties elevated privileges and the ability to run arbitrary code, remotely. 

Patches and versions

The vulnerabilities that were patched are: CVE-2023-22747, CVE-2023-22748, CVE-2023-22749, and CVE-2023-22750, CVE-2023-22751 and CVE-2023-22752. They were discovered by cybersecurity researcher Erik de Jong, in these Aruba products: ArubaOS and below, ArubaOS and below, ArubaOS and below, SD-WAN and below.

To make sure they keep their endpoints patched and secured, users should update the products to these versions: ArubaOS and above, ArubaOS and above, ArubaOS and above, and SD-WAN and above.

Users shold also keep in mind that some of the products reached end-of-life status, and as such will not be getting the updates: ArubaOS 6.5.4.x, ArubaOS 8.7.x.x, ArubaOS 8.8.x.x, ArubaOS 8.9.x.x, and SD-WAN

Users are advised to use the software that hasn’t yet reached end-of-life and receives updates.

Those that can’t apply the patch for whatever reasons can enable “Enhanced PAPI Security” mode using a non-default key, which was said to be a valid workaround, BleepingComputer reported. However, Aruba’s latest fix addresses another 15 high-severity and eight medium-severity flaws, so applying the fix is still highly recommended.

Aruba said there’s no evidence of these flaws being abused in the wild at the moment, but users should be on their guard.

Via: BleepingComputer

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