Biden and Republicans want companies to be held responsible for web moderation

US president Joe Biden reckons that companies should be held accountable for web moderation, and it all stems from a Supreme Court case investigating the algorithms used by Google-owned YouTube, which have reportedly been recommending pro-ISIS content to users.

The problem is that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 has been around for nearly three decades and many have argued that it’s no longer equipped to deal with the matter.

It has been one of Biden’s targets for reform, and a recent court case has drawn the attention of countless legal entities and Big Tech companies as well. 

Biden sides with Republicans

A recent report by CNBC has uncovered that the Biden administration shares the same sentiment as many senators from the opposing Republican party: that Internet company immunity under Section 230 should be limited – in other words, online activity should be more accountable.

CNBC also noted that the American Civil Liberties Union, the libertarian Cato Institute, and the US Chamber of Commerce had all taken the opposing side – in favor of Google – in the debate.

While reform is still on the cards, Biden has yet to discuss what changes he may bring to the table in relation to the 27-year-old law.

One lawyer discussed the implications that Google’s loss in court could have beyond Big Tech. They explained that even unassociated content moderators, such as those found on Reddit, could be liable for their actions in court.

Whether the law is simply in need of reform due to age or needs to be made clearer, Section 230 will have to be addressed, and any changes will have significant, far-reaching implications.

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