Most US companies have already started investing in quantum computing

The majority (83%) of professionals working for US companies say their organizations have already started investing in quantum research or technology, if data compiled by Classiq is to be believed 

The Israeli quantum software firm spoke to 500 US-based professionals at companies with 100 or more employees and across a variety of different industries.

It found that the sectors ranking the highest for quantum investment include the finance sector, where 87% have started investing, the accounting industry where 86% have started, and the MedTech category with 83% starting.

What does the future hold?

Nearly all (94%) of the total survey group said that quantum will eventually inform their organization’s daily decision-making on matters such as budgeting, forecasting, staffing, and strategy.

That share rose to 97% for financial sector survey participants. In fact, nearly half (49%) of financial sector respondents said quantum will inform their businesses’ decision-making by the end of 2022.

A quarter of companies from all sectors said that quantum computing technology is already involved in their decision-making.

Looking forward, nearly three-fourths (72%) of companies polled indicated that quantum computing will figure into their daily decision-making within five years.

The survey also found that hiring has already begun to support this quantum transition.

The majority (86%) of all organizations surveyed said they are currently hiring quantum computing talent, which rose to 91% for respondents in the financial sector.

Looking forward, 93% of all respondents expect there to be “a tidal wave” of demand for people – including developers – with quantum skills, while 83% of survey respondents from high-tech fields said that quantum computing should be included in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The rise of quantum computing might not all be sunshine and roses, however.

The vast majority (92%) of survey participants think that quantum computers will have the ability to crack today’s encryption technology within three years, while 92% said that quantum computing “is important to US national security”. 

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