Another top password manager is doing away with passwords

Open source password manager Bitwarden has announced that it’s going passwordless in a move that it hopes will make it easier and faster for users to access their Bitwarden vaults.

In a press release, Bitwarden explained that its new mechanism, “uses a public and private key exchange between the web vault and a recognized, authorized mobile device”, allowing users to approve a login from their mobile device.

Bitwarden passwordless

A member of the FIDO Alliance, Bitwarden is one of the many companies behind the rollout of more secure passwordless logins that are designed to reduce hacking and phishing scams to virtually zero.

Supporting its commitment to the Alliance are the results of an in-house survey conducted by Bitwarden, which claims that “nearly 50 percent of companies plan to deploy passwordless technologies,” with security a key driver behind the movement.

Earlier this year, 1Password uncovered that almost half of employees are risking their secure credentials by sharing passwords. A move to make logins more personal, and less password-reliant, could be the news that many organizations need.

Pleased with the results, DuckDuckGo has selected Bitwarden to be the “first external password manager solution” integrated into the browser on macOS devices, allowing the secure search engine to continue its work to protect users’ privacy.

Since passwordless logins hit the mainstream in events held by Apple and Google, consumer interest has piqued, but many companies are yet to add support. There are some website and apps that you can try this new type of authentication, though, including PayPal

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