Apple launches rare deal on MacBook Pro for business

SMBs are in luck as Apple is breaking with tradition and offering discounts of up to 10% on the latest MacBook Pro 14in and 16in models.

A report from Bloomberg notes the deals come just before many Black Friday Macbook deals are revealed, in a bid to shift more stock over the final stretch of 2022. 

Apple is hailing the rare deal as “a very special Mac campaign.”

Special Mac campaign

SMBs will be entitled to 8% off bulk orders between 5 and 24 devices; firms ordering 25 or more Macbooks can expect a 10% discount. The deal includes any combination of 14-inch and 16-inch models, and is expected to end on December 24 2022. 

Small and medium businesses will be entitled to the discount, which appears more generous than the typical cut-rate offered to business clients. 

According to Bloomberg’s report, “sales employees were recently informed of the deal and have begun reaching out to businesses that Apple has prior relationships with to gauge interest. Representatives from small businesses said they rarely get calls from Apple to push promotions. The company, which hasn’t touted an offering like this in half a decade, declined to comment.”

The unusual offer come as Apple expects Mac sales to plummet for the last quarter of the year.

In an earnings call in October, Apple CFO Luca Maestri revealed that revenue from Mac sales is set to “decline substantially” from last year. 

It’s believed that the lack of an updated Macbook Pro in 2022 is propelling, at least in part, the drive to offer businesses the discounted models – particularly during the all-important holiday quarter. 

The only updates Apple made to its laptops this year were a new MacBook Air and 13in MacBook Pro in June 2022, with the former driving its hardware sales considerably in the last quarter. However, it looks like MacBook Pro sales will still be behind last year’s. 

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