This Microsoft Teams update might solve one of your biggest office problems

Tracking down the files you need in Microsoft Teams should soon be easier than ever thanks to a new addition to the platform.

The video conferencing service is preparing the launch of a new app that it says will make it easier to find and manage all the documents, spreadsheets and more for Microsoft Teams.

The launch should address one of the key pain points for Microsoft Teams users who find themselves frantically searching for the right file or document to consult or send over on a call, instead providing a single hub with everything you need.

Microsoft Teams Files App

In its entry in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the new Files App for Microsoft Teams is described as offering ” one place for all your content across chats, channels, meetings and M365″.

Although there’s little concrete information on what the new app will look like or how it will work just yet, the entry notes that users will be able to, “manage, organize and locate the content you need quickly and easily”.

Users will also get a more consistent and familiar way finding experience, hopefully meaning an end to trawling through endless menus and confusing file options.

The new app is listed as being “in development” for the time being, with a scheduled general availability date of January 2023, so users hopefully won’t have too long to wait. It is currently being worked on for desktop users only, but if it proves a success, will doubtlessly be rolled out to other platforms too.

The news is the latest file-sharing update to Microsoft Teams in order to make it a much easier platform to use within a work environment.

In a similar vein, Microsoft recently added the capability to delete or rename files in a channel and in your OneDrive folder in Teams. This should mean users of the company’s cloud storage system have a much simpler time of finding and customizing the files they need the most within Teams and making sure they are labelled just how they want.

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