RTX 4090 Ti benchmark may have leaked and it looks pretty impressive

There have already been tons of rumors and conjectures surrounding the existence of an Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti in development. But now it seems the tech grapevine might have some new intel on the supposed GPU, as well as the RTX 4080 16GB version.

According to new leaks that were reported on by Neowin, we may have some early benchmark scores for the RTX 4090 Ti. In the Blender 3.3 test, there’s a mysterious ‘Nvidia Graphics Device’ listed alongside the 4080 and other GPUs. The unnamed card scored 12,906.07 points, which puts it 6.6% higher than even the RTX 4090 and lends to the rumor that this could be the 4090 Ti. Meanwhile, the 4080 scored 9,478.64 points, which is about 22.5% lower than the 4090’s score of 12,107.64.

For the Geekbench 5 benchmark, there were leaked scores for the 4080 OpenCL, CUDA, and Vulkan tests for the RTX 4080. The GPU scored 258,372, 300,728, and 148,838, respectively. Compared to the scores for the 3080, which was also tested, the score increases are quite high. 

Finally, there’s the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark, in which the 4080 scored 28,599 points for the 1440p test and 14,178 points for the 4K test. These are significant gains compared to the RTX 3080, the AMD RX 6950 XT, and the AMD RX 6900 XT.

Putting these benchmark scores into perspective 

The RTX 4090 Ti’s supposed existence is rather interesting since rumors seem to swing wildly between the Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti reportedly being canned due to sky-high power consumption and it being almost definitely a thing that’s releasing eventually. In fact, the source of the former rumor, Moore’s Law is Dead, explained that the 4090 Ti could actually be a new RTX Titan Ada. Titans are massively expensive graphics cards that are aimed more at creative professionals.

But judging from this most recent leaked benchmark, it seems like the performance matches better to it being a 4090 Ti rather than a super professional GPU.

Meanwhile, the leaked benchmarks for the RTX 4080 16GB are quite impressive, showing off significant gains over older GPU models from both Nvidia and AMD. This is a major improvement over the former RTX 4080 12GB version, which had to be officially ‘uncancelled’ by Nvidia due to its lackluster specs.

So far it seems that these upcoming next-gen cards might actually be a huge leap from their predecessors, though the prices are still a little too steep for them to be affordable to all but the most hardcore of gamers.

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