The world’s largest Raspberry Pi cluster has a rather surprising supporter

The Raspberry Pi has helped spur on development and ingenuity throughout the world, with its pint-sized capability offering users around the world the chance to experiment and build with all kinds of computing use cases.

But the hardware can also be scaled up in a big way, and TechRadar Pro got to see the world’s largest Raspberry Pi cluster whilst attending Oracle Cloud World in Las Vegas.

Oracle noted that the Raspberry Pi is the ideal choice to power cluster computing, where developers, researchers, and data scientists choose to experiment at home rather than in the cloud.

Raspberry Pi overload

With its small footprint and unbridled flexibility and scale, the Raspberry Pi has proved a popular choice, with clusters bringing multiple Raspberry Pi devices onto a single system to boost performance.

Raspberry Pi cluster

The world’s largest Raspberry Pi cluster at Oracle CloudWorld (Image credit: Oracle)

At Cloud World, Oracle was able to showcase the Raspberry Pi cluster’s underlying technologies, including APEX, GraalPython, Java, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Database, and Oracle Linux, with attendees able to use augmented reality headsets to gain extra insight into what the cluster can do.

“The Raspberry Pi has created a whole new class of computing devices and is fundamentally changing the way systems are designed,” noted Chris Bensen, Cloud Experience Developer, Oracle

“For 10 years, the Raspberry Pi has brought together a community of enthusiasts, professionals, students, and teachers pushing what’s possible with technology. This tiny computer performs high computational tasks and has made a significant impact on the industry at large.”

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