Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti GPU might be inbound, but forget about that RTX Titan

Nvidia will purportedly not be making a top-end Lovelace graphics card RTX Titan model, a GPU which has previously been rumored.

This one originates from a regular Twitter-based hardware leaker, Kopite7kimi, who let us know in a very short tweet that the Titan is no longer planned by Nvidia (as seen by VideoCardz). That is, if it ever was – of course, we must regard that possibility, and indeed this fresh speculation, with an appropriate dose of seasoning.

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What this doesn’t mean, however, is that we won’t see a further higher-end GPU than the RTX 4090 in the future, built around a fully unshackled AD102 chip.

The theory is that it won’t arrive in the form of a new RTX Titan, but it could be an RTX 4090 Ti. Kopite7kimi clarifies in a further tweet: “4090 Ti is still possible in the future.”

Analysis: A more modest strategy for AD102

We’d go further than that and say the RTX 4090 Ti is likely in the future. Indeed, we’d be surprised if Nvidia didn’t eventually push out something stronger than the RTX 4090, given that it uses a cut-down AD102 chip – and that wiggle room has surely been left for a reason.

Essentially, there’s more room here to go for a more powerful flagship graphics card, so it seems a strong possibility that’s an option Nvidia will exercise. The problem for Team Green is likely to be the need to push power requirements higher than the already beefy 450W TGP of the RTX 4090.

Indeed, we’ve previously heard on the grapevine that a fully-fledged AD102 card could hit as much as a ridiculous sounding 800W, or more recently 600W (and that’s rated power usage for the base spec, with faster overclocked third-party cards potentially grabbing more than that during spikes of usage).

In short, the PSU requirements could be pretty eye-opening, but then again, the RTX 4090 Ti – or RTX Titan that will apparently never be – are graphics cards that wouldn’t be purchased outside a niche set of power users and PC enthusiasts (or well-off hardcore gamers). Who will doubtless have rigs well-equipped to handle any PSU or related thermal demands (and power bills, for that matter).

An RTX 4090 Ti is likely to be a relatively modest increase, keeping much the same spec as the RTX 4090 save for upping that CUDA Core count, and tuning up the clocks a bit (and pushing that power usage as mentioned, with 600W sounding much more like a Ti variant than a Titan).

Naturally, it’ll beef up the price tag considerably too, and we probably won’t be seeing it for some time. Certainly, if Kopite7kimi is correct, Nvidia evidently isn’t talking about the GPU yet, and it’s only a possibility. But it does make sense, and on the other hand, the rumor mill also reckons Nvidia is already putting aside the choicest AD102 chips for a future Ti version; so if true, that’s certainly a strong indication the supercharged flagship is coming.

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