Dell wants your laptop to wirelessly charge your phone

Dell has patented a new technology that would allow users to charge their phones wirelessly using their laptop.

Dell’s patent, number 20220239124, first spotted by Patently Apple involves using some of the unused space on a laptop to fit a detachable wireless charging clip, which an external device such as a smartphone could be placed on for charging.

The technology would not see wireless charging coils being placed directly into the laptop, in contrast with other similar systems. 

How does it work?

Unfortunately, the patent didn’t reveal how much power the wireless connection would be able to transfer.

The patent filing also doesn’t guarantee that the patent will ever be granted, or that the product will ever be rolled out.

But it’s not just Dell that has its eyes on bringing consumers wireless charging.

Apple has been working on wireless charging technology since 2014 and has filed three related patents for its Macbooks.

The company previously announced plans for wireless charging matt AirPower in 2017, only for the device to be canceled due to technical issues in 2019, which some parties speculated were to do with heat management. 

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