Maingear introduces super-powered new Pro series lineup

Maingear has expanded its PC offerings to include a powerful range of new workstations

These new machines are available in three form factors, and are custom built for each individual creative professional, with the likes of music production and video editing named as ideal use cases.

The new Maingear workstation form factors include the Pro WS in a mid-tower, the Pro WS Max in a full-tower, and the Pro RS in a vertical or horizontal rack unit.

Could this be the ultimate creative machine?

While each machine is custom built, there is room for up to four high-end graphics cards, as well as support for some of the latest processors – including AMD Ryzen, AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro, Intel Core, and Intel Xeon – with up to 64 processor cores and 128 threads. Additionally, the new machines can support up to 2 TB of memory, and 192GB of video memory, making them ideal for resource-heavy tasks such as photo editing or graphic design.

To help keep the sheer volume of those components working down to a minimum, Maingear has built these machines with a sound-damped front, top and sides, and provided Noctua A-series Fans and U-series CPU Coolers to assist with cooling.

While choosing a machine like this is no doubt an investment, Maingear says it has built the Pro series to be easily upgradable for future hardware swaps and upgrades. 

One noteworthy detail is that as these are custom devices, there is no standard pricing available. Each order requires a consultation to customize each piece. 

Looking at the market, Maingear’s closest competitor seems to be the high-end boutique PC vendor Velocity Micro. While Maingear is completely quote based, Velocity Micro states that their entry level model, powered by a ThreadRipper Pro 5995WX, is selling for just under $12,000.

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