1Password will now help small businesses identify chinks in their security armor

Password manager firm 1Password has released a new solution it claims will help firms improve their overall security posture.

Insights from 1Password contains tools to help firms monitor data breaches, password vulnerabilities, and team usage within shared vaults, while also providing suggested next steps and allowing businesses to notify employees of data breaches.

The news comes as fatigue regarding password security remains high among the workforce, 20% of burned-out workers feel their company’s security policies “aren’t worth the hassle” according to 1Password’s own research, not a glowing recommendation of the current crop of business password managers.

What can the solution do?

Insights from 1Password can monitor how data breaches affect existing team members and identify the type of data exposed.

As part of the product’s suite of ID management tools, it can also identify business email addresses exposed in data breaches among employees who have yet to register for a 1Password account. 

1Password can also alert employees about data breaches and share recommendations to determine next steps and help secure affected employees.

In addition, the new tool will include new tools for password management.

These include capabilities to identify weak, reused, and compromised passwords across employees and teams, leveraging data from third party website Have I Been Pwned to help IT and security teams track and report on detailed password health metrics, and providing detailed exportable reports and shareable links to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities.

Capabilities to monitor team usage are also included in the latest offering from 1password, which it says can help to minimize security risks stemming from issues such as Shadow IT.

These include identifying who hasn’t used their account lately and sending reminders to employees to use their accounts, as well as understanding who isn’t using their private vaults, and sending reminders to employees to mitigate risks from poor security hygiene.

“To keep your employees safe and secure at work, you need to know where vulnerabilities exist in your organization,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. “Having the right policies in place is just the start.”

“We designed Insights from 1Password to give IT and security admins broader visibility into potential security risks so businesses improve their understanding of the threats posed by employee behavior, and have clear steps to mitigate those issues.” 

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