Google Chrome user profiles under attack from Emotet malware

The Emotet botnet now has a brand new module that steals credit card information stored in Google Chrome user profiles. 

Emotet was first spotted by cybersecurity researchers from Proofpoint dropping the new module on June 6. It tries to steal names, expiration dates, and card numbers stored in Chrome user profiles. An interesting detail is that the stealer exfiltrates the data to a command & control (C2) server that’s different from the module loader.

Emotet has had quite the ride. It was almost entirely wiped off the grid a year ago when German law enforcement used its own infrastructure to deliver a module that uninstalled the malware from all infected devices.

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Emotet is back

It returned half a year later in November 2021, when several cybersecurity researchers spotted Trickbot trying to download a DLL, identified as Emotet, to the system. 

A little over a month ago, Emotet’s operators were spotted moving away from Microsoft Office macros for distribution, and towards Windows shortcut files (.lnk).

The malware was first seen in the wild back in 2014. At the time, it was used as a banking trojan, but has since evolved into a botnet. Some researchers believe it was developed by a threat actor known as Mummy Spider (AKA TA542) to serve as a dropper for second-stage viruses. Among others, Emotet was spotted dropping Qbot, and Trickbot which, in turn, were spotted delivering Cobalt Strike beacons, and various ransomware strains, including Ryuk, or Conti. 

Today, it is able to steal sensitive and personally identifiable data, spy on traffic moving through compromised networks, and move laterally.

Cybersecurity researchers from ESET recently said Emotet has had a significant increase in activity this year, “with its activity growing more than 100-fold vs T3 2021.”

Via: BleepingComputer

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