Move over Pip-Boy! Fallout fan turns a plastic mini-nuke into a tiny gaming PC

One Fallout fan, well known for his collection of merchandise from the franchise, has created a truly unique PC from an already unique piece of memorabilia.

The Fallout Collector transformed a ‘mini-nuke’ model – which came with the Fallout Anthology limited edition back in 2015 – into a functional PC, but unlike the heavily modified build from Linus Tech Tips this build instead is based on budget PC designs. 


♬ original sound – Spencer

As PC Gamer explains, The Fallout Collector used a NUC, a small form factor PC by Intel, as the base and outfitted it with a compact motherboard. The bottom of the mini-nuke was used to house the power supply, with holes made in the sides for I/O ports. 

There’s also a fan in the nose of the mini-nuke, with additional holes drilled into the top to allow for sufficient airflow and the sound effect button has been repurposed as the power button .

While the Fallout Collector is having issues running Fallout 3, both Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim run at a stable 30 FPS, and the original 2D entries in the franchise have no problems at all. Considering that the PC is running on a sixth-gen i3 system, this is definitely one of the coolest PC builds we’ve seen to date.

Analysis: ok, so maybe budget PC gaming isn’t dead?

Unfortunately, the best budget gaming PC you can get nowadays is pretty much limited to what you can buy prebuilt, since so many of the essential components for a really good gaming PC build are hard to find or more expensive than they’ve been in the past.

That’s one of the things we love most about this Fallout mini-nuke build. It doesn’t go all in on high-end components that no one can really buy, and possibly the hardest thing about recreating this kind of build is finding a discontinued sixth-gen chip.

And while we can’t see a graphics card being added to the mix on this build, Intel NUCs are starting to incorporate low-rise graphics cards in them, so they could serve as a good base for budget gaming rigs in the future.

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