Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti leak gives us an idea of just how fast the GPU is

Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, which is rumored to arrive imminently, could offer a performance boost of around 10% compared to the vanilla RTX 3090, according to the latest leak.

This comes from the developer of the CapframeX utility (used for frame times capture and analysis), who posted some “first impressions” of the RTX 3090 Ti that they’ve apparently got hold of – apply the usual caution and skepticism, naturally.

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According to the dev, the Ti version is in the ballpark of 10% faster than the base 3090 at 4K resolution, though what performance metric(s) we’re talking about isn’t elaborated on (presumably an average of some overall testing).

The tweet also lets us know that the GPU offers 2GHz boost clock speeds, and a power consumption of 450W, the latter of which has been rumored for some time now.

In terms of specs, the RTX 3090 Ti graphics card is expected to have 10,752 CUDA cores (which is 256 more than the RTX 3090), with the same 24GB of GDDR6X memory, but it’s faster VRAM.

Analysis: Powering up a good deal over the base RTX 3090

That 450W TDP is 100W more than the standard RTX 3090 (which sits at 350W). With Nvidia revving up the card this much in terms of the power it draws, a reasonable performance uplift would be expected, and something like 10% falls in line with that (though gaming performance may not reach double figures, depending on the exact title tested, of course).

So, that’s a decent chunk extra over and above the standard RTX 3090 in terms of a performance gain, although enthusiasts are getting that kind of bump by overclocking their existing Ampere flagship. The question then becomes how far will overclockers be able to push the 3090 Ti (and what kind of cooling solution will the cards employ).

On top of that, there are considerable question marks over the value proposition of this incoming GPU, given that the rumor mill has suggested some seriously steep possible price tags.

The raised power demands here do, perhaps, prepare us for the much bigger potential PSU asks which are rumored to be coming with the RTX 4000 or Lovelace family of graphics cards due to arrive later in 2022.

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