6 things you might have missed about the Apple Event

Well, wasn’t that interesting? This year’s Apple Spring Event was speedier than usual, so we only heard the word “incredible” about 200 times instead of the usual thousands. 

And no wonder, because there was lots to cover: the new iPhone SE 2022, the iPad Air 2022, the M1 Ultra system on a chip, the Mac Studio and the Studio Display

In fact, there was so much going on that you might have missed a few interesting details. How many of these did you spot?

1. A non-announcement announcement of the Mac Pro 

“That’s for another day.” And that’s as much as Apple was ready to say about the next Mac Pro during its March 8 event. 

But given that the Mac Studio outperforms Apple’s Pro Macs in quite spectacular fashion, imagine how many M1 processors Apple is currently sellotaping together for the next Mac Pro – and how much it’s going to cost. Better start saving…

2. The Studio Display doesn’t have Face ID 

Apple March Event 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

The camera in the new Studio Display is good enough for Center Stage, which it brings to the Mac for the first time, but it doesn’t have the sensors for Face ID.  

3. Apple’s cheapest iPhone just went up in price

So much for the rumors that the current iPhone SE would get a price cut and the iPhone SE 2022 would be as cheap as chips. 

Instead, Apple canned the existing model and added thirty bucks to the price tag of the new one. We knew the rumor was likely to be wishful thinking but it would have been nice if that one had come true. 

4. The Mac Studio doesn’t come with a keyboard

Apple March Event 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

Or a mouse. You’d think a four grand computer might manage to include an input device, wouldn’t you? 

The original Mac mini didn’t, but that was to keep the price down; this costs quite a bit more. We bet when the Apple Car finally ships, the wheels will be an optional extra. 

5. The ‘toughest glass’ isn’t Apple’s toughest

The iPhone SE 2022 may well have “the toughest glass of any smartphone”, but the iPhone 12 and 13 don’t technically have normal glass: they have Ceramic Shield, which is tougher. 

6. A subtle nod to IWD

The Apple Event happened to coincide with International Women’s Day, and Apple marked it in a subtle and classy way by giving women the mic for the majority of its presentation. 

We heard from Francesca Sweet for the iPhone, Angelina Kyazike for the iPad, Colleen Novielli for the Mac Studio and Nicole Kordes for the Studio Display. And all the developers featured in the M1 Ultra segment were women too.  

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