Intel CES 2022 On the Road to the Future live blog – what does Team Blue have in store?

Fresh off the release of Alder Lake, Intel is heading into CES 2022 in a better position than it has in years – at least since the release of the Intel Core i9-9900K. And not only are its 12th-generation processors strong, but we know Intel has some exciting things cooking in 2022 – it’s just a question of what will actually be at the show tomorrow. 

It’s likely that the core of the show will be on some kind of mobile processors, as Intel typically follows its desktop chips with H-series chips for gaming laptops. We’ve also been hearing a lot about Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs, and it’s possible that we’ll get to see them in action. The graphics card market needs a shake-up and Intel could be the perfect company to do that. 

We can’t wait to see a show where Intel is playing from a position of strength, after a weak showing in 2020. And if you want to watch along with us, you can watch the Intel keynote live on the Intel Newsroom at 10am PST (1PM EST, 6PM GMT). Or, you can stay tuned to this page and we’ll make sure it’s updated with all the latest info the second it emerges. 

The Intel Arc logo against a blue and purple backdrop

(Image credit: Intel)

We don’t know if Intel is ready to show its graphics cards, but we really hope it is. Nvidia and AMD GPUs are both extremely expensive right now, and hopefully, a third player in the market will help bring the prices down a little bit. It’s unlikely we’ll see an RTX 3080 killer, but we can hope for the equivalent of an RTX 3070, at least

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