Razer’s best new products from last year just got an upgrade ahead of Black Friday

Razer just announced the latest additions to its lineup of productivity peripherals, the Razer Pro Type Ultra, the Pro Click Mini, and the Pro Glide XXL.

Razer has long been a name in computer gaming circles as the go-to manufacturer for quality keyboards, mice, and other PC peripherals. Last year though, it stepped out of the RGB glow of the PC gaming sector and released several products for professional users to generally rave reviews.

“Combining industry-leading ergonomic designs with modern, sleek styling and high-performance gaming technologies, the Pro range delivers the comfort, battery-life and precision to enable users to win at work,” the company said in a press release announcing the new products.

The Pro Click Mini is a Bluetooth-connected device and like the Razer Pro Click before it, it is able to pair with and control three separate devices without needing to unpair and repair the mouse each time you want to connect to a new device. 

You can also pair it with a fourth device using 2.4GHz wireless courtesy of an included dongle. It also sports a smaller form factor than the original Pro Click, and features one less programmable button.

The Pro Type Ultra, meanwhile, introduces quieter mechanical key switches than its Razer Pro Type predecessor, which are rated up to 80 million keypresses. It features the same soft white LED backlighting on the keys, but introduces the same kind of leatherette wrist rest found in the Razer Huntsman V2 and Razer Huntsman V2 Analog.

The Razer Glide XXL, like the name implies, is a much larger version of the Razer Glide mouse mat from last year. The new Glide XXL is much wider, stretching out to about 37 inches / 940 millimeters wide.

The Pro Click Mini and the Pro Glide XXL are available now on Razer’s website, with the Pro Click selling for $79 / £79 / AU$139 and the Pro Glide XXL selling for $29 / £29 / AU$52. The Pro Type Ultra (US key layout, not UK) is available for preorder for $159 / £159 / AU$279, and will ship starting on November 19.

Analysis: Razer got off to a good start last year, hopefully they continue to build on that success

When we tested the new Razer Pro series of peripherals last year, we were very impressed with the Pro Click, which we still think is the best wireless mouse on the market.

And while we really liked the Pro Type, some issues started to pop up over time that took it down a peg in our opinion, keeping it from being the best wireless keyboard
of 2020 (though it still made our list overall). 

The issue was mainly rare disruption in its wireless connectivity, which led to some frustrating delays with input, which ultimately knocked a whole star off its rating. 

Still, as with the Razer Book 13 (2020) – which was easily one of last year’s best laptops – Razer’s push beyond its gamer roots was definitely impressive, especially for a first attempt. 

Looking at the specs on the Pro Type Ultra and Pro Click Mini, we’re hoping that it is able to make some truly stand-out devices even better, and fix the minor quibbles we had with both devices last year. We’ll know soon enough once we’re able to get them in for review, but we’re definitely excited to see the evolution of Razer’s Pro lineup.

The release of Razer’s latest Pro series peripherals come at a great time, both for the company and for the consumer. With Black Friday deals starting to gear up, consumers in the US and UK are gearing up to drop some money on everything from air fryers to tech gear, and Razer usually has some good ones – including on newly released products. The new Pro are already well priced, but they might even get a little taken off the top during the holiday shopping blitz after Thanksgiving.

If you’re really looking to save some money though, the announcement of Razer’s latest Pro products could see last year’s Pro Type, Pro Click, and Pro Glide get even better discounts over the holiday. 

And while we can’t speak to the quality of the new Pro products yet, last year’s Pro keyboard and mouse are definitely worth keeping an eye on for the next few weeks heading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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