Online retailers set for boost with new Lightspeed eCommerce platform

The POS provider Lightspeed has announced the launch of its new flagship ecommerce product which builds on its acquisition of the ecommerce platform Ecwid earlier this year.

Lightspeed eCommerce will provide retailers with a powerful, flexible and unified offering for both ecommerce and omnichannel solutions. However, it also offers a new starting point for merchants looking to join the Lightspeed ecosystem ecosystem and grow their businesses using in-store and online commerce tools, advanced data, simple product ordering functionality and streamlined access to suppliers.

Founder and CEO of Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva explained in a press release how its new ecommerce offering will allow the company to achieve its omnichannel vision, saying:

“Commerce has evolved beyond a basic online store or a single-function POS. True modern commerce is meeting your buyers where they are, whether that’s on TikTok or Main Street. Lightspeed eCommerce represents the omnichannel vision that we have believed in for years: that retail merchants need to be able to scale and customize tools to fit their unique business without compromise, whether they operate primarily online, in-store, or both. We’re proud of the rapid progress we’ve made on this integration to further improve our offering for our customers.”

Lightspeed eCommerce

Lightspeed eCommerce sets itself apart from other ecommerce tools as it can be used by retailers who have minimal to no ecommerce experience. They can set up an online business easily with advanced features that will allow them to further grow their business.

Lightspeed’s new ecommerce product also allows merchants to sell directly on social media, online marketplaces and search engines. The company has even partnered with TikTok to allow its merchants to seamlessly access the core functions of TikTok for Business Ads Manager without having to leave its platform.

Businesses can leverage Lightspeed eCommerce to connect their online and in-store platforms and merchants will be able to reduce the amount of time they spend on managing inventory, orders and product details.

Lighspeed eCommerce is now available to all of the company’s retail merchants worldwide including customers that recently joined through its ShopKeep and Vend acquisitions.

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