Intel’s Chief Revenue Officer: We have Silicon, but Shortages in Wi-Fi, Substrates, Panels

One of the key commentaries about the current semiconductor shortages is around where exactly the bottlenecks are. The traditional interpretation of a semiconductor shortage implies that not enough silicon can be made, but over the last few months a number of companies have pointed to post-silicon production, such as testing and packaging, causing some of the issues. To the best of our knowledge, none of the companies affected by the shortages are specifically pointing at partner companies or specific supply chain areas where there is a bottleneck, however there have been a number of comments focused in the direction of packaging, substrates, and the specialist films involved for high performance compute.

AnandTech has learned that at its Partner Connect 2021 event recently, Intel Chief Revenue Officer Michelle Johnston Holthaus expanded the dimensions to which the supply chain is causing the semiconductor shortage. During the event Keynote, as part of a planned Q&A session with the host John Kalvin (Intel GM of Scale and Partner Organization), Holthaus expanded on the commentary surrounding Intel’s silicon flow and where the supply chain bottlenecks are for Intel and associated partners.

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Author: Dr. Ian Cutress