We are constantly innovating and improving our hosting platform to provide you with the best hosting experience. Here are some updates.

Improvement to User Experience

Many of you use our platform every day and we’re constantly thinking about ways to improve the user experience and one of those ways is to bring many of the most commonly used features of cPanel out into the Jaspen user interface. This will allow you to quickly manage things like e-mail, files, and other aspects of your hosting account(s) without having to access cPanel. This is currently under development and we will begin to release features over the next few months.


HTTP3, LiteSpeed 6 & PHP 8

As of May 1st, 2021, all of our servers are upgraded to LiteSpeed Web Server 6 and customers are enjoying HTTP3, which one of the benefits being increased performance, specifically with fetching multiple objects simultaneously. We’re happy to be pushing this standard forward.

Improved Account Backup Retention

We have started the process of moving all of our customers’ backups to new hardware and will retain the data for 30-days. Previously, we have kept backups for a maximum of 48 hours for disaster recovery situations. 

The migration process is expected to be completed in a few months. This improvement sets the stage for Jaspen to be able to offer you access to your backups right from within your Jaspen account without the involvement of our support team. Until the migration process is completed, the backups are only available for disaster recovery purposes. 


WordPress Repair Toolkit

We’ve developed an in-house proprietary WordPress Repair Toolkit that will automatically repair your WordPress website. This tool is being offered to customers by our support team if they require assistance, but will soon be available from within your Jaspen account for self-service. 


Memcached & Redis

Customers on our Premium web hosting plan are now able to access Memcached and our engineers are working to bring Redis availability. Memcached is an object caching system that stores the results of frequent MySQL database queries and greatly reduces the time it takes to retrieve query results. Many database queries that WordPress performs for visitors to your website are identical. Adding object caching helps reduce page load and resource usage. 


Node.js now available

Customers subscribed to our Premium hosting plan are able to utilize Node.js. You can find the Node.js selector inside of cPanel to add, remove and manage Node.js web applications.


Improvement to our Spam Filtering

Our engineering team has begun testing a new global implementation of spam filtering rules that will greatly improve filtering of spam from email boxes on our platform. These improvements will be available to all of our hosting customers.