I remember in the late 80’s my dad asked his friend Mike how large of a hard drive he should buy. Mike said, “20 megabytes. You will never fill it.” Granted back them we didn’t have digital cameras, smartphones, videos and music to put on the drive. Mostly text documents. FYI, he still didn’t buy the drive. Our first hard drive came in 1993 I believe and was 210 megabytes. Floppies were my life until then and I didn’t get floppies until the mid 80’s. At least the pc was all IBM chips. I degrade once more. My first pc was the commodore 64 when it came out in 1982. Everytime it got turned off I lost everything. Oh well, made me a better coder.

Well here we are today talking of crossing the 50 Terrabyte in the next few years and 100 Terrabytes by the next decade. I think I could actually fill that already.

Jason Brown

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