HP printers could soon lose their official environmental certification following user fury

A complaint has been issued by Executive Director Tricia Judge, on behalf of the International Imaging Technology Council (IITC), calling for around 100 HP printer models to have their official environmental certification revoked, due to the company’s suspect firmware updates.

The IITC – which describes itself as the “trade association of toner and inkjet cartridge remanufacturers, component suppliers and cartridge collectors in North America” – addressed its complaint to the Global Electronics Council (GEC), which is responsible for managing the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry, calling out HP for “greenwashing” and false labeling.

In the letter, Judge wrote: “[HP] has made a mockery of the EPEAT registration process,” citing firmware issues and company morales over manufacturing and production concerns.

HP greenwashing

Judge specifically points at criterion of the EPEAT, which requires “documentation that product does not prevent the use of non-manufacturer cartridges and non-manufacturer containers.”

However, despite its various EPEAT-certified printer models, HP’s Dynamic Security update and HP+ subscription each have been recorded blocking anything other than the company’s own ink, blatantly neglecting the above criterion.

While HP does promise to recycle cartridges in over 60 countries and territories globally (assuming that Instant Ink subscribers stick to returning empties), the fact that tens of other manufacturers recycling their cartridges cannot sell them for use in HP models is of significant environmental importance. Not forgetting the likely price hike that comes with using OEM ink for consumers.

The complaint calls out tens of individual business printer models on pages 8 and 9, including the LaserJet, DesignJet, and OfficeJet families, on the grounds of the Dynamic Security firmware update. It also highlights models like the DeskJet, Envy, LaserJet, and OfficeJet on the grounds of HP+.

HP did not immediately respond to TechRadar Pro’s request for comment on the matter.

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