Your new Spotify homepage is a radical mix of TikTok and Netflix

It seems that Spotify, the music streaming service giant, is planning on changing up its user interface in a bold and exciting new way.

Ahead of Spotify’s ‘Stream On’ event in Los Angeles (the last one in 2021), Bloomberg reported on a leak that the event would launch a brand new homepage feed redesign. “Instead of selecting from a long list of carousels featuring static cover art, the interface allows listeners to swipe vertically through content recommendations that play automatically.” This can include video content or looping GIFs.

And with the announcement finally elaborated on during the ‘Steam On’ event, we have a more complete understanding of how this change will work. According to Musically, Spotify’s mobile app will replace “its existing carousels of music, podcast, and playlist suggestions with a TikTok-style vertical feed of recommendations.” 

Below is a video clip from Stuart Dredge showcasing said new homepage feed design.

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But unlike TikTok, Spotify doesn’t need to use an algorithm to keep your eyes on the feed, as its ultimate goal is to get you away from the feed and listening to an artist’s song in full. So it seems that Spotify is mixing some of TikTok’s laser targeted algorithm techniques with Netflix’s usage of video clips in order to entice users to click on songs. This could be interesting to see in practice.

Spotify revealed a host of other features it would be adding to the service including an AI DJ that helps create a personalized playlist for listeners, Smart Shuffle, Marquee which is a full-screen and sponsored recommendation of a new release, the tool Discovery Mode that lets artists flag songs that are then added to the algorithm, and Showcase which will introduce an artist’s music to likely listeners.

There are also Spotify Clips and Countdown Pages that allow for artists to customize their pages with video. Finally, Spotify will also offer concerts and merchandise for the first time, creating a new way for artists (and the service) to earn revenue.

This complete overhaul of its entire feed, as well as the addition of so many new features, could be the result of lost revenue and consequential layoff. As well as a way to justify the service’s impending price hike despite said layoffs.

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