Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU spotted with new Raptor Lake CPU in gaming laptop

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 laptop GPU has been spotted in an HP Omen gaming notebook, along with a raft of other Lovelace mobile graphics cards, plus these portables are all powered by an imminent new Raptor Lake mobile CPU.

This leak comes from @momomo_us on Twitter (as VideoCardz flagged), who spotted the HP Omen machines listed on a European retailer’s website, but given that this is an unknown retail outlet, we need to be particularly careful around these rumored specs provided via product listings.

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The retailer lists six variations of the incoming HP Omen 17 which are all powered by Intel’s Core i7-13700HX CPU – a mobile part expected to be revealed at CES – and they all have Nvidia Lovelace GPUs.

The top-end model runs with the RTX 4090 laptop graphics card which is listed with 16GB of VRAM (no other specs are provided here, by the way, just the memory configuration).

We also see two Omen 17 laptops with an RTX 4080 (equipped with 12GB VRAM), one machine with an RTX 4070 (8GB), and another pair with the RTX 4060 (also 8GB).

The prices are in Lei, Romanian currency – so we can assume this is a Romanian retailer, naturally – and the top HP Omen with RTX 4090 is going for 18,881 Lei. That converts to roughly $4,000 / £3,300 / AU$6,000, but take that with even more seasoning than the rest of this leak (which is to say a whole lot).

Analysis: A beast of a laptop flagship?

If this leak proves to be correct, then we are apparently looking at an RTX 4060 all the way through to an RTX 4090 for laptop GPUs, which are about to be revealed at CES (along with Intel’s new Raptor Lake mobile offerings, as mentioned). There is also an RTX 4050 rumored, and this could be coming too, in theory, just not in an HP Omen (the RTX 4050 was actually spotted in leaked benchmarks for a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop).

What’s also interesting here is that the rumor mill has been rather unsure of what the top-end model will be for Lovelace mobile, and to see that it could be an RTX 4090 primes us to expect a suitably beefy laptop GPU which really pushes frame rates for gaming on the move. (Remember, the Ampere generation topped out at the RTX 3080 Ti for notebooks; there was no 3090 for laptops).

Sadly, we don’t get any specs other than the memory loadouts, although that hasn’t stopped whispers about the possibility of the RTX 4090 being a laptop graphics card that might match the power of the desktop RTX 3090, even (or at least come close to it). A previous leak pointed to the 4090 mobile using the AD103 chip (AD102 is just too much for the confines of a notebook chassis) with a TGP of up to 175W (but in fairness, that rumor is another sketchy one that we need to remain more skeptical than usual around).

There’s still plenty of doubt in the air, then, as to how Lovelace laptop GPUs will really shape up, but at least we should find out in less than a month now. At CES, we’re fully expecting to see some power-packed gaming laptops that use Intel’s Raptor Lake mobile processors in combination with RTX 4000 graphics cards.

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