How to watch the Nvidia GeForce RTX announcement at GTC 2022

Nvidia announced its GeForce Beyond event, which will showcase Team Green’s latest tech. For months now, the tech world has been waiting for official news on Nvidia’s new 4000-series graphics cards, and this could be the place we finally get the low down on the GPUs.

According to the official site the event, hosted by Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang, will cover the company’s latest in gaming, creating, and graphics technology. Based on all the rumors and reports that have been populating the grapevine this past year, there’s a good possibility that the flagship Nvidia RTX 4090 chip will make its appearance at the event.

It’s also thought that the 4080 and 4070 might appear as well, though it’s less of a chance versus the flagship model. However, if any of these make it into the event, they’re guaranteed to be some of the best graphics cards around.

Regardless, we have the scoop on when the event is happening and how to watch it. And we also have some predictions as to what we’ll expect to see during the livestream.

When is the Nvidia GeForce Beyond event?

Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond event takes place on Tuesday, September 20, and thankfully the times are much more convenient for most global viewers. 

The event will kick off at 8AM PST / 11AM EST / 4PM BST, which means that most viewers should be able to tune in during their respective air time. But whether you can make the time or not, TechRadar will be covering the event so feel free to keep checking back for the latest news.

And whatever Nvidia reveals is sure to be some cutting-edge tech. Here’s how to watch the event.

How to watch Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond event 

Nvidia announced that it would be streaming its event on both its official Twitch and YouTube accounts. Unfortunately, as of now it hasn’t uploaded the direct livestream links, so we’ve embedded the account links for your convenience.

Once Nvidia adds its direct streaming links, we’ll update the page accordingly. After the show ends, Nvidia urges viewers to go to its official page post-show but no other elaboration on what information will be there has been given as of yet.

Our Nvidia GeForce Beyond event predictions 

Other than what the official site stated would be shown at the GeForce Beyond event, which is gaming, creating, and graphics technology, Nvidia has otherwise been tight-lipped about what exactly we’ll see. But thanks to the various rumors and reports that have been circulating, we may have a clearer picture of what to expect.

The main rumor is that we’ll be seeing the flagship RTX 4090 graphics card, along with its specs and even an official release date for later this year. And while there’s no confirmation of this at all from Team Green, it’s one of the most likely rumors to come true.

There have also been some rumblings of the RTX 4080 and 4070 being set up for a 2023 release date. And while it’s not as likely as the 4090’s seemingly imminent reveal, there’s still a good chance that we could see some news revolving around those cards as well.

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