Apple’s next Pro Display could blow away the XDR’s resolution

Apple is working on a new professional workstation monitor called the Mac Studio Display, and it might give even the best 8K monitors a run for their money, according to a report.

Details on the new display were apparently leaked to 9to5Mac from internal sources. These are presumably the same sources that spilled the news that a new Mac Studio workstation, a cross between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro, is in the works.

The display would likely be marketed alongside the Mac Studio the way the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR were back in 2019. It would reportedly have a 7K resolution (6016 x 3384p), a solid notch above the Pro Display XDR’s already impressive 6K resolution.

It’s not known whether the Mac Studio Display would have the same dimensions as the Pro Display XDR, and thus a higher 245 pixel-per-inch (PPI) value that would make the visuals even sharper, or if the new display will feature the same 218 PPI as the Pro Display XDR, but with a larger, 36-inch panel.

As always when dealing with Apple rumors, nothing has been confirmed by the tight-lipped tech giant, so take everything with a grain of salt. And while the Apple March event is right around the corner, it will almost certainly be a consumer-market event. It’s unlikely a pro-user device like this rumored display would make an appearance.

That said, WWDC 2022 will be fast upon us, where an announcement of the new Mac Studio Display is much more appropriate.

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