This fake Nintendo site claims to offer huge discounts on Switch consoles

Japanese video game giant Nintendo has warned its customers of the existence of a fake site that claim to offer huge discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles and games.

Just like with other fake sites used to trick unsuspecting consumers, this site impersonates Nintendo’s official website and uses the company’s logo to convince users of its legitimacy.

At a time when Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X are still hard to find, some gamers have decided to pick up a Nintendo’s hybrid console instead. First released back in 2017, the original Nintendo Switch still retails for $299 while the new Nintendo Switch OLED is available for $349. 

As Nintendo’s hardware and games rarely see price drops, potential customers looking for a deal on the system could fall for the huge discounts offered by this fake website which is why the company has published a press release warning users about it.

Fake Nintendo sites

Nintendo warned its customers about the potential dangers of purchasing products from fake sites in its press release, saying:

“Purchasing products on fake sites may result in fraudulent damage such as unauthorized acquisition of personal information. Please be careful not to mistake it for our website, and do not purchase products from fake websites.”

In addition to not receiving the products you purchased, buying goods from fake websites can also put you at risk of identity theft as the operators of these sites gain access to your payment details at checkout. At the same time, fake sites can be used to spread malware and other viruses to your computer or smartphone.

Besides warning users of a fake site impersonating its brand, Nintendo also said that it would notify relevant law enforcement agencies if it happens to find any similar sites.

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