Microsoft wants to hear what you really think about its Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new feedback portal in preview to learn more about what users really think about Microsoft 365 apps and services as well as Microsoft Edge.

Feedback for Microsoft 365 is a new community feedback experience built on the software giant’s Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Users can go to Feedback to share their ideas about Microsoft’s products with the company as well as with others.

In addition to submitting new feedback for the community, users can also participate in existing feedback by voting, commenting or sharing it online.

While Feedback is now available in preview for Microsoft 365 apps and services and Microsoft Edge, Microsoft plans to make the service available at a later date for Windows 11 and its other products.

My Feedback

Feedback for Microsoft 365 also includes a personal My Feedback section where users can view feedback they’ve submitted publicly or private feedback they’ve given Microsoft from within its products. Whether they’re reviewing public or private feedback, users can review the impact of their feedback as well as the status by viewing official responses from teams at Microsoft working on these products.

While a feedback tool isn’t the most exciting new product launch from Microsoft, it will likely benefit users of its products in the long run.

For instance, during our coverage of Microsoft Teams last year, we noticed that many of the updates and new features added to the company’s video conferencing software in posts on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap were based on user suggestions such as being able to use multiple Teams accounts on desktop or being able to reply to specific messages in conversations.

We’ll likely hear more from Microsoft once Feedback exits preview but in the meantime, you can check out the new portal to share your own ideas and even criticisms with the software giant.

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