Join us at 8:30am PT for our coverage of NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference keynote address. The traditional kick-off to the show – be it physical or virtual – NVIDIA’s annual spring keynote is showcase for NVIDIA’s vision for the next 12 to 24 months across all of their segments, from graphics to AI to automotive. Along with slew of product announcements, the presentation, delivered by CEO (and lovely kitchen owner) Jensen Huang always contains a few surprises.

Due to the coronavirus, this year’s show is once again virtual. However, with a full year to prepare for it, NVIDIA is delivering a much more traditional event. This includes the keynote itself, which although pre-recorded, is being broadcast as one continuous presentation rather than uploaded and unlocked as multiple segments all at once. Big topics of conversation this year will include graphics, networking, automotive, and AI, especially as NVIDIA’s now a year into shipping its flagship A100 accelerator. And though A100 isn’t due for a replacement this year, we may get some insight into how NVIDIA intends to continue to fend off AMD and Intel, both of whom have server GPU and AI plans that are finally starting to come together.