"Helping your business harness the true power and potential of the internet since 1999."


Let Jaspen create the perfect website built on the popular Wordpress engine so that you can edit your own-site with ease.  Don't want to edit your own site?  No problem.  We love taking care of our client and would be happy to manage your website.


Build & Host your website on the cleanest hosting around; no carbon footprint. From a small business owner to an individual looking for a fully loaded web hosting plan, Jaspen provides you with everything your website needs.



Want to sell your products on-line? No problem.  We use only the best Ecommerce solutions.  We can have your site up and running in just a few hours.  Our ecommerce software makes it easy for you to add product and manage your on-line store.


Laughing Parrot Productions prides itself in making high quality, professional videos at affordable prices. We specialize in Commercials, Short Films, and Web Videos.


Jaspen is a company you can trust. Other's have come and gone, but we've been an established business for 20 years. We are still here and we will be tomorrow. We maintain a strong portfolio with a variety of clientele, from government to private enterprise, to social media.


We've been building website since the infancy of the Internet.


Our work ranges from individuals, small businesses and large corporations.  We provide dynamic web development, web hosting, ecommerce, video production, and IT Solutions.






Since the beginning we have always believed that our purpose is to help you, our client, harness the true power and potential of the Internet.


Our business-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies.


We are building a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. If you are serious about your websites success, our web design can get you there.


Strategic thinking, top designers, personal attention, competitive prices, real world results - discover the Jaspen difference.



Philanthropist: Jaspen web design cares about our community. We help provide free hosting services and free or discounted web design services to local non-profits. Jaspen is the only web design company that provides this many free services to non-profits. When you use Jaspen to design your website, you are supporting your local non-profits too.