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The Jaspen Corporation is located in the beautiful Owens Valley in Bishop, CA. Founded by Jason & Penni Brown who have a long history of family being in the valley for over a hundred years. Jason & Penni believe in giving back to the community in which we not only work but live in, and hopefully all of their children will it make their home when they grow up too.


Jason Brown has helped establish the presence of Playhouse395 on the web by creating their first Online ticketing system. He sat on the board of Playhouse 395 for over two years helping establish it in its infancy.


Jason Brown resigned in 2012 as the Chair Person for The Spirit of Recovery (C.E.S.A.) council and as a member of the United Methodist Social Services board to pursue his creation of Sober Community Connection.


Currently, Jason Brown is spending his extra time helping people in his community find the tools they need to help themselves or family members sobreity.


Jason Brown is passionate about donating his time and resources into building a better community for tomorrow.