The Jaspen Corporation Hosting Support Policy

Support for your web hosting will be provided free of charge, per the terms of this document. If your question is not answered there, or to request additional support please 760-872-2797..
Free Support Services are defined by:

  1. Assistance with setup or basic operation of applications or scripting provided as a part of your hosting service. (Imanager, Urchin Web Stats, etc.)
  2. Information regarding the required paths or availability of services to run applications or scripting you wish to install.
  3. Problems or errors with FTP, Telnet, HTTP, SMTP, POP, mySQL services.
  4. Assistance with initial setup of your email application.

Support Services NOT provided by The Jaspen Corporation free of charge:

  1. Third party applications or scripting not provided as a part of your hosting services (i.e. installed by you or your representative).
  2. Setup or configuration of services not provided as a part of your web hosting.
  3. Setup or configuration of modules not currently operational or modification of existing modules on The Jaspen Corporation servers.
  4. Training in use of mySQL, phpMyAdmin, FrontPage, or other applications.
  5. Transfer of your web site files from other servers to ours, or from our server to another server.
  6. Transfer of your web site files or reinstallation of programming due to an upgrade of services.
  7. Software or hardware issues on your computer.
  8. Trouble shooting problems or conflicts with your ISP (connection) services.
  9. Trouble shooting problems or errors with your web site not related to server performance.
  10. Repeated assistance in setup of your email application.

Assistance with services outside the scope of your web hosting can be provided for an hourly charge, at our discretion.